What are the odds that we (or any two people) have the same birthday?  Well, probably 364 to 1.

But if you get a group together, even a small one, there's a remarkably good chance that there'll be a match.

Here's the formula: 

P is the probability, and n is the number of us in this test.  So... let's say there are twenty of us invited to the White House to contribute some soft money.  Along with Bill, Hillary, Al, Tipper, and the video dude, that makes twenty-five.  Now then, if n=25, we have...

P = 1 -  (4.9215439e63 / 1.1410945e64) or 57% !!!

So... in a group of twenty-five co-conspirators, the odds are better than even that there'll be a birthday match.

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