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Since I consider it déclassé to call one's site "Under Construction" with or without those ubiquitous "Men (sic) at Work" icons, I offer no apologies or excuses for the state of this joint.

Even as you sit here staring at the screen (and pardon me, but shouldn't you be doing something more constructive?), already just a click away here on modotcom are the pages for:
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Adoption is a subject at the core of my identity, and that of most others touched by adoption: adoptees, birth families, and adoptive families. My adoption page is a brief introduction to some of the issues associated with adoption as well as some links to other resources.

And talk about roots! Mine and a bit of my heart and soul remain in Brooklyn where I lived through 1960. I was tempted to move out when my Dodgers moved to L.A., but I wasn't adventurous enough to leave home. I thought I had to get married to do that, but that's another story.

Among other subjects dear to my heart and soul which will be explored here in more depth are those represented by the following tantilizingly fascinating links.  There'll be great stuff on:
   ~ states of mind and being like: Jewishness and stuttering;
   ~ exotic places on the planet such as: Brooklyn, Cuba, and Paris;
   ~ other diversions including: astronomy, hiking, and sculpting;
   ~ and don't get me started about movies and music, music, music!!!

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